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Matcha's Sponsorship Page


Hi! My name is Matcha and I'm a survivor. I was wandering the streets near 43rd and 290 in Houston when suddenly I found myself on the highway! Thankfully, two determined drivers stopped traffic to create a barricade and I was pulled to safety. I was injured, overheated, terrified, and exhausted it was evident to my rescuers that I was in desperate need of help! Elated to be in a safe space with food and water I was finally able to relax and get some rest. I was taken to see a vet and it turns out I have heartworms..don't worry! I'm starting treatment and will be healthy in no time! 

I'm a little timid or shy initially but I warm up quickly, especially to people. I have met a few other dogs (and a rescue kitten) and the initial introductions have gone well! I crate well and enjoy long leisurely walks. I also love the pool, lots of attention and treats! I'm a housetrained, well behaved part Boxer/Terrier mix. I'm young (1.5 to 2 yr) and looking for a forever family I can grow with!

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Again, thank you from the bottom of our hearts!


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