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Not only are foster homes vital to a rescue's ability to pull more dogs off death row, but they are also instrumental in rehabilitating dogs that may never have experienced life as a family member inside a home.

Rescue dogs depend on their foster families to help make the transition from living as a stray on the streets or alone in a shelter, to adjusting to a home environment.  Foster homes provide them with the stability of familiarity, structure, and security.  All of which the dog has lost due to the variety of circumstances that brought him or her into rescue.

Rescue dogs have lost all that is home to them!


As a foster caregiver, you will be asked to provide:

1) A crate for safe confinement during the times you must be away from home (HBR does have some crates available to borrow)

2) Dog Food

3) Leash

4) Occasional transport for vetting and attendance at mobile adoptions

5) Love-Love-Love!

In return, you will experience personal reward and all the love and gratitude that only a rescue dog can give!


Fosters, The Dogs Desperately Need You!

Becoming a foster parent requires dedication, love, and a firm commitment to helping your foster dog be the best it can be. As a foster parent part of your responsibilities will be to crate train, teach basic commands, and nurture the dog so that it can become more adoptable. By accomplishing the above tasks, you will significantly increase the chances of that dog finding a forever home!


The wonderful feeling you get when your foster dog finds its fur-ever home is something you will never forget. It's well worth the effort!


We have several volunteers willing to help you introduce your foster dog into your home. They are available at any time to answer your questions or address concerns you may have. All that we ask from you is a commitment of dedication to your foster dog.  


  Please Help Us Help Them!
Our dogs need you, and so do we!

Thank You!

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