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My name is Tartan and I’m new here at HBR. I came into my new foster home as if I’ve always lived there. I haven’t been bothered by my new foster siblings and some of them even walk on two legs! In fact, I really like the small, two legged foster siblings because they give me treats and lots of belly rubs.


I’ve been really good at the potty-training thing but sometimes the smells are just SO good I mark them as mine. I was only just neutered though and foster-mom tells me that will get better and I'll learn to only mark things outside.


I love to go for walks outside.  I’m pretty good on the leash and only pull a little bit when there is something that smells REALLY good! I also know how to sit (I do this really fast when treats are involved) and shake. I go into my kennel with only a little convincing and I only whine when I need to potty.


If I can’t be on your lap, I love to be in your general vicinity. I will lay quietly on the floor beside you until you’re finished with your task. I will even go lay in my kennel sometimes to show you how patient I can be while I wait.


There are a few things called ‘cats’ here. I think they are really neat but when I try to play with them they make some scary noises so I run away.


While I am Heartworm positive, the great folks at HBR tell me they’re working on getting me all fixed up. I also need to have some of my teeth cleaned and fixed but they said not to worry about that either.


If you like warm hugs, long walks, and giving cookies then send me your digits; I’d love to meet you and talk about moving to your family!



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Again, thank you from the bottom of our hearts!


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