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MOZART's Sponsorship Page

Hey there! I'm Mozart maybe 2.5 years old.  My life has been a little rough, as I was just sprung from the kennel!  HBR stepped up because they think I deserve a chance at a great life.   I tend to be scared when new people arrive and jump up when I think you are ok.  I know some commands, but training would help so I can be the best.   I love my foster humans, they are so cool and kind.  My   foster home has a lot of fur mates to play with and th ey are cool. But you know what I like most?  Belly rubs and toys, oh and I get up on the furniture for those all important snuggles.  I sleep all night in my crate with a little whimper when I go in.   I had some accidents in the house, but my foster mom says that is to be expected until I learn the routine and ask to go out.  I also don't know what grass is, since being in a kennel most of my life  . .. so a little help is required to potty in the right place.  I can be your forever pet if you give me a chance.  

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Again, thank you from the bottom of our hearts!


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